This website is a supplement to the book TICKHILL - discover its past

which was published by Tickhill & District Local History Society in September 2014.

The website contains only new material not published in the book.

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Today, we take public services such as health, police, fire, highways, transport, housing and libraries, museums and culture for granted. Until the mid-19th century, little or no emphasis was placed on their provision by a range of governing bodies which, although acting as independent bodies, at times operated in parallel. This chapter seeks to explain how all these bodies functioned and how local government as we know it has evolved in Tickhill. It also covers other services not already discussed in previous chapters.

Chapter Contents of the Book

Photo of Tickhill UDC, 1950s

Tickhill Local Board

Tickhill UDC 1894-1914

Tickhill UDC 1914-1918

Tickhill UDC 1919-1945

Tickhill UDC 1946-1974

Joseph Denton 1819 - 1902