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Joseph Denton (1819-1902) whitesmith and engineer – by Hazel Moffat

Joseph Denton had his home, workshop and, at one stage, gas works at 2 Market Place, the site now occupied by Tickhill's Library. He was the son of Joseph, also a whitesmith, and Phoebe Denton. He died on 2 September 1902 aged 83 and was buried in the churchyard on 4 September with his wife Mary who died in 1886 aged 65 and their son Charles Augustus who died in 1889 aged 25.

Joseph's descendant, Peter Henry Denton, has sent a copy of the sale notice disposing of Joseph Denton's possessions. The heading of this notice is shown below with the lists of household and trade goods offered for sale. The household items reflect Joseph's lifestyle and interests while the trade goods indicate the scope of Joseph's work.  

Household furniture:                                                                                                                                                                Old oak bookcase with cupboard under, 7ft 8in high, well-made mahogany secretaire with 3 drawers under, broadwood trichord grand piano, mahogany chiffonier, mahogany card table, circular mahogany table, 3 circular stands, mahogany couch in hair, birch fall leaf table with 2 extra leaves, deal kitchen table with 2 drawers, small deal table, dresser and delft case, arm chair in American cloth, 7 mahogany single chairs in American cloth, gent's mahogany easy chair in American cloth, 3 sycamore chairs in cretonne, 8 kitchen chairs, night chair, 4 rush seated chairs, night chair, mahogany 4 post bedstead and hangings, feather bed, bolster and 2 pillows, painted wood bedstead, flock bed and pillow, iron bedstead and mattress, iron bedstead, painted dressing table, painted towel rail, painted wash stand, dressing table, mahogany circular 3 tier table, small oak chest of drawers, oak chest of drawers, oak stand, small oak cabinet, 2 mahogany toilet glasses, small toilet glass, brass rail fender and ashes pan, steel rail fender and ashes pan, large clothes horse, mahogany music stool in American cloth, oil painting on copper, figure building vase by F H M 1841, pair of oil paintings, portraits in black frames, sundry pictures, small pedestal screen, sundry carpeting and rugs, mantel glass, sundry china and other ornaments, illustrated family Bible, 27 vols Mechanics' Magazine, copper coal scoop, brass warming pan, large copper kettle, copper saucepan, kitchen utensils, crockery and glass &c,&c.  

Whitesmith's and engineer's stock-in-trade and tools:                                                                                                                   3 treadle turning lathes, grinding machine for lawn mowers, pair of double blast bellows to take 5ft revolver for hand or power, gas brazing machine and bellows complete; pair of double blast bellows, 3 gulletting shars with extra handles [tool to make a concave cut in the teeth of some saw blades]; hand grindstone and frame for grinding lawn mowers, eccentric punch up to ½ inch thick, radial drilling machine. 5 metal vices, 9 pairs screw stocks and dies, caps and wrenches, 5 pairs wrought and cast iron pipe cutters, fixed hand power drill and braces, tinman and jenny, heavy tinman's stake, a large quantity of screwing taps and dies, about cwt steel drills, a large quantity pipe fittings, clamps for drills, pipe tongs and wrenches, iron windlass and jib, crane with rope to lift 2 tons, a quantity of galvanized and other piping, a quantity of wrought iron blacksmith's swages [tools for bending cold metal to the required shape], bores, swaging blocks, set of mechanic's tools, messenger's self-contained hot water boiler, heavy sheet bending clamp, wrought iron running barrow, about half ton of Attwood's patent hot water pipes and fittings 20 inch cut lawn mower in good working order, 10 inch cut lawn mower in good working order, bench and clamp, a quantity of drain gullies, pair of steps, sundry stakes, anvils and punches, various stock-in-trade and trade tools.