This website is a supplement to the book TICKHILL - discover its past

which was published by Tickhill & District Local History Society in September 2014.

The website contains only new material not published in the book.

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Until the early 19th century, Tickhill, like many small towns and villages throughout the country, was always self-sufficient. It has never been an industrial centre but throughout history has profited from small scale manufacturing, such as tanning, milling, spinning, weaving, dyeing, malting and papermaking, together with the skills of craftsmen, such as stonemasons, shoemakers, tailors, nail makers, smiths and carpenters. In the 18th and early 19th centuries, Castlegate and Westgate were the ‘manufacturing heart’ of the town, where you would have found Mr Steel’s factory, William Hall’s dye house, George Skelton’s paper mill, Foster and Booth’s lime kiln yard, John Pearson’s smithy and Thomas Rhodes’ tanyard.

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