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TICKHILL  SCHOOL 1934 – 1947 - Extracts from Logbooks

Teachers identified over this period – Miss Violet M Miers, Appointed head August 1941

Mrs Eva R Antcliffe, retired as head teacher in July 1941

Mrs L.Fleetwood, Miss Muriel A Hill, Miss McLusky (Organiser for physical training. Miss Farrel, Miss Hill, Miss Foulstone.

Mr. Goodwin – School Manager

Mr.Carpenter – Ministry of Labour re provision of accommodation for Nursery classes. 1 – 3 year olds and 3 – 5 year olds



Doctors:  Dr.Bury “The Hut”, 1941, Dr.White, School Doctor, 1940, Dr.Lindsay, Medical Officer of Health, 1934. Dr.Newlands, school doctor.

School Inspectors:  F.S.Popham, Inspector for Religious Studies.

Mr.Rivett, West Riding County Council Inspector. (New desks and chairs to be supplied).

Mr.Taylor, His Majesty’s Inspector.

H.Edwin Booty, Inspector for the Registers.

T.Dixon  “     “

Guy T.S.Cook    “     “






This timetable appears to have been diverted from constantly, records show school letting pupils go at 1.00pm and starting at   There is no reference made to seasonal activity (pea picking, field work, etc) Reasons given usually inclement weather, air raids, mainly illnesses and epidemics.




Feb.  4 pupils to Eye Clinic.

Mar.  All children over 5 years to School Dentist

Mar.  Nurse reports all but two children are clean.

June  Rose Queen crowned in Vicarage Garden.

Aug.20th Inspector reported playground surface so bad, physical training could not take place, this is of considerably significance owing to lack of indoor space for physical activity.

  2 children with scabies.

22nd& 24th  Dr. and school nurse in attendance.

  Playground ashphalted on August 24th and is very satisfactory.

27th  10 children certified in need of subsidiary nourishment (milk, plus 2 milk and cod liver oil)

Sept.  23 children had teeth extracted in Parish Room.

“  8 more required Dental treatment.

  Playground asphalted in August 1934 and is very satisfactory.

Oct.  6 children to Parish Room for extractions.    Scarlet Fever diagnosed.

Nov.  14 more children needed subsidiary nourishment.

Nov.29th  School closed for Royal marriage.


Jan. 28th  Betty Needham knocked down by a car and killed instantly.

March  1 child with dirty head had to take home a note.     Shrove Tuesday, oranges distributed by Mrs Garnett of Tickhill.

April.  35 children to be immunised against diphtheria.

May 3rd  Jubilee Day – pencils and bank books with 1 shilling deposit for each child.   Gifts from WRCC.

June 6th  Closed at 3.30pm for Coronation Show with Jubilee King and Queen at Sandrock Garden Fete.

July 4th  33 taken to the Surgery for immunisation.  18 taken on the 11th.

18th  Remainder of all school immunised.   Thus the timetable was disorganised.

18th  A report on religious instruction in the Infants school, New Testament/Catechism/Repetition, all reported as very good.

Nov. 6th  Royal Wedding

Nov. 19th  Electricity installed in the school.

20th  Diphtheria reported in the village.

26th  30 children went to Senior School to be weighed.

Dec.  20 certified as needing subsidiary nourishment.

The theme running through the record is the frequency of medical support, particularly immunisation for diphtheria, dental extractions, aural and clean heads.


Apl. 22nd  An outbreak of measles lasted over a period of 7 weeks, followed on the 27th April with an epidemic of whooping cough which lasted until 17th July.  

Frank Croasdale was unable to pay for his milk owing to his father thrown out of work at Harworth Pit Lockout, placed on free list.


Jan. 20th Influenza epidemic 59 pupils attended out of 105.   School closed 26th to 29th January whilst floors  scrubbed. Thomas Hoyle (a bright boy) and 7 other children transferred to Estfeld II.

Timetables were frequently reversed or revised for Religious instruction in the Church.   Lessons were also taken in school by the Vicar.    Where there was high absenteeism the school appeared to be allowed to cancel the register, although they did not close the school.

Regular examinations took place in religious instruction by both the school and visiting examiners. ie. F.S.Poplam (Director of Religious Education).

April 9th  A measles epidemic recorded 26 absent in 2 days.   By the 16th, 46 pupils had measles.  34% absent.

  Attendances for April 23, 30th and May 7th were cancelled owing to measles.

May  Coronation Souvenir spoons from the WRCC given to all pupils, plus an orange per child.

27th Crowning of May Queen Procession, A short play ‘The Country Fair’ was staged on the Cricket Field..The whole school took part in singing, dancing and rhythmic movement.

June 17th  17 pairs of boots given by the WRCC for the coronation.

Sept.  14th/15th/16th/21st and 23rd – 44 extractions of teeth in total in the Parish Room.

Dr.Newlands and the Nurse certified 11 more children in need of subsidiary nourishment and four qualified for milk and cod liver oil.  These commenced immediately.

School hours varied dependent on lighter evenings, finishing at 3.30pm in the winter months.   3.45 and 4.00pm in the summer.   Records show 11.30am starts and 1.00pm. quite frequently.


Feb.  28 children still required subsidised nourishment, others could continue at a cost of one half penny

May  9 children sent to Aural Clinic in Doncaster.

Dec.20th  Several cases of mumps, by 23rd Dec. attendance down to 43 out of 99 and school closed.


Jan 9th.  School reopened with only 39 pupils owing to mumps, by the 27th there was only a 57% attendance.

Feb. 3rd.  The school reported it now had an influenza epidemic along with the mumps.

May 22nd.  A chicken pox epidemic closed the school until the 26th.

29th  Sandrock Garden Fete, Queen of Summer crowned in the evening, school closed early.


July 20th  A dancing display was held, postponed from yesterday owing to showers.

Aug.31st  School closed owing to (Precautionary Measures) conditions of national emergency. to reopen 11th  September.

Sept/ 1st  All staff at school awaiting written instructions.  

11th.  School to remain closed but children to attend for school bank and milk and cod liver oil.

18th  School not to reopen, but children will attend in batches of 50.   Milk to be given out as usual.

Standard I and Class IA to attend Monday/Wednesday/Friday am. and Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. The Younger pupils will attend on alternate days.   These arrangements to continue until further notice pending the making of trench shelters.

19th  Officials from Wakefield arrived to discuss Air Raid Shelter.

Oct 9th  School reopened 9.00am. On the 10th a gas mask drill was taken, and crouching without masks.   It is almost impossible for children to crouch under desks with gas masks on.

17th  Children sent home 11.30am because of air raid and no shelter ready.   A few were taken to the Vicarage where their distance was too far.

18th  Whole school taken into two rooms in the Vicarage to practice every day this week, until they understand how to take cover.

24th  School to close until air raid shelter is made.

Dec. 4th  School reopened 9.00am to 11.45am. and 1.00pm. to 3.15pm.

8th  Taken into new air raid shelter for a practice.


Jan.8th/9th  3 measles and 2 chicken pox and much influenza reported, together with severe cold spell.

  Snow and ice made roads and movement impossible, by 15th only 48 present out of a possible 104.

19th   4 chemical closets, 5 hurricane lamps for the air raid shelter delivered.

  David Barnes has ringworm of the scalp and was sent to Sheffield hospital.

26th  Many children to the Parish Room to be examined.   Measles, chicken pox and influenza epidemics.

15th – 19th   School closed.

30th  Owing to intense cold entrance to air raid shelter and pump frozen..

Feb. 5th  National War Savings Movement commenced by Mr.Goodwin.

13th  Kenneth Brown sent to Parish Room for examination, to be weighed once a month.

  When the coal was delivered, lorry backed into metal lid of the manhole and smashed it to pieces

  Butler & Maltby, Coal Merchants, Reported to the Vicar.

21st  New School nurse, Nurse Ginders.

22nd  2 pupils to Doncaster for advice on adenoids.

27th Air Raid Shelter in very damp condition.   Time taken from signal to complete occupation was five minutes as children needed dressing first.   Water in the shelter needs constantly pumping out.

28th  Hilary Haith sent to Dr.Brown for immunisation for diphtheria for the third time.

Mar 4th  Water at entrance to air raid shelter too high to reach pump and rafters floating about,.

May 1st  Air raid shelter full of water, electric pump installed to clear it.   Shelter to be concreted to stamp ou the damp.

May 2nd  Complete occupation of air raid shelter in 3 mins. as children haven’t so many clothes to put on as in winter.

3rd  German measles epidemic.

6th & 8th  Nature walks, swallows have returned.

14th  School reopened according to Government orders owing to State of War.   55 children out of 106 owing to German measles.

28th  School opened at 1.15pm.  closed at 3.45 for May Day Celebrations in Cricket Field.

June 27th  Air Raid Practice, up a ladder escape, Standard I.

July 2nd  Report on Religious Education inspection.

Aug. 14th  3 A.R.P. Wardens came to fit new filters on 8 childrens gas masks.

Oct. 28th  New boy admitted from bombed Acton, W.3.

Nov.18th  School to commence 9.30am until end of Jan, as wartime emergency because of dark mornings and lighting restrictions.

25th  4 evacuees admitted from Mitcham, London, Croyden and Rotherham.

Dec.13th  Owing to Air Raid activities during the night, attendance was 49%.  Children sent home until afternoon.


Jan.20th  Roads impassable in some places.   54 present.   20th to 28th Jan. registers not marked owing to weather.   Roads impassable and ice dangerous.

Feb.14  War Weapons Week.   2.00pm Parents Afternoon, plays, songs and dances.   35/- raised,, 70 parents present.   Evening concert raised 15/-.

Feb.27 At 1.30pm sirens sent all children to the shelter for one hour.   ‘All Clear’ sounded. Children had their milk and were sent home at 3.00pm,   22 children taken home by their parents at 1.30pm.

Mar 10  Sirens at 3.20pm. children taken to Air Raid Shelter and sent home in batches as parents came for  them.

Mar 13  Children turned up well after air raid through night.

April 22  Gas mask drill and masks overhauled.   One child sent home with broken eye piece.

April 29  School open 8.45am. closed 10.50am to attend the Vicar’s wedding.

June 30  Presentation to Mrs Antcliffe on her retirement.

Sept. 1  2 Children suspected of scabies, Phyllis Barnes and David Barnes, medical certificate handed in the am.

Sept 8  Dentist (Mrs Black) 54 papers given out.   Children taken in batches of 8 to Senior Schoolfor    extractions (2 days).

Sept 22  3 Evacuees from Hull.

October  Examinations with F.S.Popham.   All religious based.

  Rev.G.T.Cooke took scripture lessons and prayers.

  School Nurse advised to visit parents of – W.Limb, D.Cooper and B.Ibbetson -  needs bathing,


Jan 7  All floors scrubbed and school cleaned over holidays.

Jan 12  Two joiners began work on frames for black out curtains.

Jan 19  Black out curtains now fixed to all rooms.

Jan 20  Registers not marked owing to inclement weather, only 50 children present, Class temperature 48 deg despite good fires, babies room 37 degrees.

Jan 21  Children sent home, classrooms 40, 44 and 39 degrees.   Remaining milk sold to children.

Jan 22  37, 42 and 33degrees at noon in class I, II and III.   School closed.   Bitter weather continued until 11 Feb.

June 11  Douglas Schuller excluded for scabies, given permission to attend school.

1942  School floors scrubbed, walls swept and lavatories lime washed.

Feb. 17  Medical Inspection, Neil Quanbury, Ann Annabel, Douglas Schuller excluded by Dr.Burg for Scabies.

Mar 4/5/6  Babies class only 38 degrees, sent home.   Mr.Cook notifying Education Office.

July 9  Diocesan inspection, registers not marked but children attended school.

July 23  School Sports, Wong Field.

Aug. 31  Vicar in school re advertising for new caretaker.

Oct 23 Dr.Bury excluded Joan Le Pordevin, Raymond Le Pordevin, Richard Limb, Gerrgie Dale for scabies. Marjorie Richardson for impetigo.   Roll now 112 children.

Oct 30  Nurse in school am and pm, impetigo and scabies.   Visiting parents of excluded children.

Nov 6 P.C.Smith and Thomas in charge of gas van, visit to inspect gas masks. 19 repaired. 25 Mickey masks to be returned and changed for small size ordinary masks.  

Nov 17  Caterers Licence granted by Food Office to sell biscuits and milk.Vicar taking scripture lessons for Class I and II weekly.

Mr. Eccleston, W.R.C.C. Inspector visited.   All WRCC inspectors praise the spirit of the school stating pupils were articulate and knowledgeable. Emphasis was heavily on their scripture knowledge.

Dec  Outbreak of measles and influenza.


Jan 6  Two Officials visit re site for Nursery Class.

Jan 12  William Limb has scabies.

Mar 8  ‘Wings for Victory’ week, scholars contributed for same.

May 3  Alan Singleton withdrawn – Wadworth.  Baby room painted and decorated.

May 6  Edith and Joyce Cooper sent home with scabies.

June  No water in school or lavatories owing to burst pipe in school house.

June 7th  Water supply renewed.

July 1  May Queen crowed at Sandrock.

July 9  Water pipe burst outside school building, no water for lavatories.

July 12  Repairs to pipes finished.

Sept. 10  Nurse  visit – Five mothers to be visited re heads.

Sept 15  Mr.Fox, H.M.I re providing of dinners.

Oct 18  Mr.Fountain, County Hall re erection of lean to hut.

Oct 22  Pipe burst near school door, all water turned off.

Oct 25  Several fresh cases of whooping cough and severe colds.

Nov 25  Dr. using room in school, Parish Room nor Library available.

Nov 26  Vicar re appointment of new caretaker.

Nov 26  Dr. remarked on insufficiency of heat. Attendance still poor, 68%

Dec 6  Temperatures 44, 45 and 40 degrees, Class I, II and III

Dec 17  Mantel piece fell today and damaged fire guard in Class II.


Jan 5  Stove in Room I mended and fireplace in Form II.

Mar 10  Crockery removed to Parish Room for school dinners.

Mar 13  Parcel from County Hall, 24 towels and 3 yards of American cloth.

Mar 15  15 yards of American cloth received today.

Mar 16  Mrs Robinson (Local Education Committee) re arrangements for school dinners. Vicar and official re plans for heating arrangements for class rooms.

Mar 24  Mrs Addy appointed full time helper for school dinners.

May 23  8 Dining tables, 20 beakers, 2 dishcloths.

June 22  ‘Salute the Soldier Week’ Odds and ends sale in school yard.

June 30  School Nurse to see Billy Godbehere’s glasses.

July 11  Barbara Marie Draper, unofficial evacuee from Cricklewood.

  19th Diocesan Inspection. For third year running this was an excellent report of the high standards.

Aug.  Mr.Eccleston, re heating apparatus.

Sept.  Mr.Saunders re school building and yard.

Sept 19  Mr.Thorpe to check number of blankets.

Sept 27  Mr.Harvey – re attendance.

Sept 28  Mrs Black, Dentist.

Nov 3  Mrs Hyman, Mrs Finny, Lady Mabel Smith and other members of the WRCC came to inspect premises.

Nov  Mr. Robinson, Chairman of the Local Education Committee.

Nov 15  Kathleen Rouse, sent home sick.

Nov 16  Diagnosed as diphtheria. Vicar re Caretakers resignation.

Nov 17  Mr.Robinson, re school building.

Nov 29  Stoppage in lavatory, reported to Vicar.

Nov 30  Cleared by plumbers.

Dec 1  Dr.Ashforth and Nurse Ginders, Medical Inspection all day (2 days)

Dec 4  Mr. Holmes and Mr Fountain, Architect, WRCC, in school.

Dec 8  Chairman of Local Education Committee Mr.Robinson, in school.

Dec 11  Mr.Goodwin, School Manager.

Dec 12/13  Dr. Brown, re temperature.


Jan 12  1 coal scuttle delivered from County Hall.

Jan 22  Temperatures 39, 42 and 43 degrees, lavatories frozen.

Jan 24  Children sent home on Vicar’s instructions, temperature 35 degrees.

Jan 25  Children sent home on Chairman’s instructions, temperature 33 degrees.

Jan 26   ditto.

Jan 29 School reopened, Mr.Robinson and Chairman of LEA at school.  Children sent home. 34 and 33 deg. Lavatories frozen solid, also plungers therefore unusable.

Feb 5  2 Stones of yellow soap and 1 and half stones washing powder delivered from County Hall.

Feb 13  Nurse re Ruth Hempsall’s eyes.

Feb 15  WRCC Electrical Engineer re supplementing heating.   Measles.

March  67% attendance owing to measles.

Mar 23  Members of LEA and Mr Hill re heating.

Mar 26  Water pumped out of Air raid shelter and pump replaced.

April  Mrs Docherty, School Caretaker ceased work owing to illness, no replacement appointed.

Apl 30  Mr.Saunders HMI re supply of cocoanut matting.

May 8  Closed for VE Day Holiday.

May 15  Measuring up for fixing new stoves (coke) to replace open fires.

June 14  May Queen Crowned at Sandrock.

July 4  School closed for General Election.

Aug 2  Two stoves put in over holidays.   Tony Helliwell – impetigo.

Aug 31  Head inspection, 8 with nits.

Sept 7  One ton coal removed to Rossington schools.

Sept 25  Frank Watkinson – impetigo.

Oct 11  Harvest Thanksgiving in Church.

Oct 15  Jennifer White died of diphtheria.

Nov 1  Mr.Fountain re suitability of laying linoleum.

Nov 2  Mrs Muir went to chemist during am. Vein burst in her leg.

Nov 16  John Mannifield absent, scabs in hair, Nurse to visit.

Nov 19  Miss Hill given two weeks leave of absence as her fiancée is returning from Japan POW after 5 years.

Dec 10  Miss Foulstone died on the 8th.  Absent since 15th October.


Jan  Burst lavatory pipe, severe frost.

Jan 21  No pudding at Parish Room, boiler at Maltby Canteen burst and could not be cooked.

Feb 12  Jean Mannifield knocked down, broken leg.

Mar 11  Miss Hill reported she had been ordered to take a month off for change of air and scene.   Certificate to follow.

Aug 25  School merged with Junior Dept.

 It is interesting how the Vicar, and visiting officials are more important to record than the curriculum, nowhere does it state what they are learning, except religion.  

However, the last year is very sparse on entries, absenteeism amongst staff apparent (Miss Hill is obviously abusing the system with frequent absences) and it is obvious that staff are aware of an imminent change in their circumstances (school to close).   The number of visits from officials increases sharply, and that from inspections to improve the heating, facilities etc, a new idea to move completely is emerging.

There are no comments in the ledgers on staff views, simply an entry stating the school closed.