This website is a supplement to the book TICKHILL - discover its past

which was published by Tickhill & District Local History Society in September 2014.

The website contains only new material not published in the book.

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The Author

Carol Hill was born and bred in Doncaster, where she attended Doncaster High School for Girls. A Chartered Librarian, she has extensive experience of working in Libraries; for the last 23 years until her retirement in 2008, she was Local Studies Librarian for Doncaster Library & Information Service. She is the joint author of several books on local history. Her hobbies include reading, music, cookery, family history, flower arranging and travelling. She is married with two sons

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Tickhill and  District Local History Society

The Society was formed in 2004 with the object of making the history of our town interesting and accessible to everyone. We have a flourishing membership, organise regular monthly meetings, and publish Occasional Papers each year on subjects of local interest.

Our website at has an extensive gallery of photographs and numerous articles, with both a local and an international following.

About the Book

A Note on the Photographs in the Book

Photographs have a special role to play in bringing history to life. Tickhill and District Local History Society owes a great debt of gratitude to the numerous people who have lent us their photographs to use, to share with others, and to add to our under-standing of years gone by and how people lived in those times.

Photographs are also things of beauty in their own right and it has been a particular pleasure to try to restore them to their original condition, undoing the ravages of time, so that their wonderful qualities can shine through once again.

Steve Payne